Journal Articles

The Durability of Legislative Benefits and the Role of the Executive Branch's Settlement Authority. The Journal of Private Enterprise, forthcoming.

Book Reviews

Pascal Salin, The International Monetary System and the Theory of Monetary Systems. The Independent Review,Volume 22(3) 2017.

Working Papers

Under Review

Seigniorage in the Civil War South. (w/ Joshua S. Ingber) [R&R at Explorations in Economic History]

In Progress

A Note on the Feasibility of Returning to a Gold Standard.
A Public Choice Explanation of the Great Recession (with Slade Mendenhall)
Constitutional Money and Macroeconomic Stability
Orderly Rent Extraction: A Public Choice Analysis of the Orderly Liquidation Authority
Political Property Rights and Constitutional Change
Regulation and Discrimination (with Patricia Saenz-Armstrong)
The Political Economy of Confederate Monetary Policy

Teaching Experience

Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
Money and Banking